The "Maker Movement" and The Wheels of Change

by Tesla Miller, Co-Founder of The Fifth House

The wheels of change are indeed in motion. The "Maker Movement" a.k.a, an "artisanal revival," is a form of resistance to the dominance of big manufacturing, mass market brands and unenthusiastic luxury labels. 

It is an antidote to mass production, promoting a key message of sustainability, where provenance matters, and the making process can be traced because nearly all products sold are handmade.

At the Fifth House, we are proud to be part of the "Maker Movement" - a movement that helps communities of artists and small businesses. We champion quality over quantity, connection, and a contribution to something more meaningful to this industry. We are a brand that works with hands, and supports the slow but significant transformation back into our value system. And, we partner and support designers and artisans from around the world. 

As Lindsey Tramuta explains in her book The New Paris, "Shoppers have been beaten on the head with the idea of consuming cheaply, quickly and in mass. The one-in-every-color mentality has reached saturation." She goes on to say "In the face of mindless consumerism and a dearth of traditional jobs, a countermovement has room to bubble to the surface, producing creative new labels and ambitious entrepreneurs."  

The Fifth House is an artistic platform where you will find an array of photographs and interviews that provide a sneak peek into the stories behind the designs. We are a business helping to revive artisanal skill and promote manual ingenuity. Because...well, let's be honest, who wants something so "intimate," to be mass-produced so un-intimately?

The Fifth House is a place to linger and learn as well as provide that sense of discovery. So, stay a while.