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You may recognize Evey's masquerade masks from the famous masquerade ball scene in the Fifty Shades Darker movie.

Universal Studio's team of artists hand-selected her masks for feature in the worldwide sensational film.

Although it is a significant achievement, Evey feels strongly that her team's proudest moments remain in the friendships formed with clients and individuals they've connected with in the masquerade community.

Her team's passion is people.


This team of three met in college while ironically studying Venetian Art.

Serendipitously, the three were invited to attend a holiday event that required them to wear masquerade masks.

Due to financial difficulties as students, they decided to create their own masquerade masks made of construction paper and acrylic paint. 

They may not have had much money at the time, but they had mad art skills. 

Sure enough, the creations were a wild success!

The holiday event proved a turning point. It inspired them to turn masquerade mask creations into a business.

They now handcraft the most luxurious and whimsical masquerade masks for the world to wear.


Masquerade masks have extensive history dating back to the 16th century in Venice, Italy and are made for the upper class' social gatherings.

Typically, these masks are worn during carnivals, festivals, masquerade balls and music performances. One of the main reasons to adorn a mask is to conceal the wearer's identity and social status, which is known to bring fascination to the viewer and mysteriousness to the person behind the mask. 


Evey and her team focus heavily on sourcing the highest quality materials and finest masks for masquerade attendees and Venetian mask collectors. 

They believe that no matter what style of masks they continue to create or curate (modern or traditional), focusing on the people and community, their masquerade goers and clients, are always priority.

They achieve this by bringing the world the most exquisite masquerade masks and encouraging everyone to celebrate life everyday.

The greatest inspiration they get comes from creating experiences, gathering new and old friends together, and curating one luxurious masquerade mask at a time.


"It's an absolute honor to be a part of a line of luxury brands at The Fifth House. Our small but ambitious team of three friends are all motivated by one key element - to go all-in and work incredibly hard for our passions, goals and dreams."

-Evey & Team