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Glasshouse by 5|HGlasshouse by 5|HGlasshouse by 5|HGlasshouse by 5|HGlasshouse by 5|HGlasshouse by 5|HGlasshouse by 5|H

Glasshouse by 5|H is designed by our of head classic glass craftsman. Where do we start with him? Is it his great personality? Is it his charming looks? Or is it his brilliant works of art?

We enjoy him as a person, a collaborator, a teammate, and an artisan.

He's a humble yet courageous craftsman. He also has a great eye for design, a flair for style, and impeccable taste. 

His glass work is technically and aesthetically stunning. 

Delicate. Sexy. Feminine & Fierce.


He learned the ancient art of glassblowing while in high school. 

Over the next 10 years he would dabble in the "expensive hobby," as he affectionately refers to it, while working in the tech industry and other small businesses. 

One day about two years ago, he picked up the fiery glass making torch and has not put it back down.

It's a hobby turned full-time passion.

Thank goodness.


He describes the process of working with glass as addicting, relieving, therapeutic, frustrating and infuriating.

He describes his love affair with glassblowing as the anticipation and excitement of seeing the final piece.

Spending countless hours on a piece and having to wait for the annealing process to reveal the final result adds to the anticipation.



It has become a large part of our life and I'm proud of our work.

-Team Glasshouse