Guide to Our Glass

Where Art Meets Sex

The Fifth House glass toys are exquisite. They are one-of-a-kind true works of art.

Our resident artists use a complex free-hand method. It brings to light every nuance and its effect, and it makes each minor detail stunningly unique. 

We source, select, quality-assure, test, and carry our very own exclusive collection. 

Our artists hand-make each of our pieces. This means that each piece in our collection is not a mass-produced replica. Our approach and our collection make us distinctly and proudly high-end luxury. 

Next, this particular glass segment is currently under siege by far-eastern imports of questionable origin and quality. In contrast, The Fifth House will absolutely NOT compromise on quality, aesthetics, and safety solely for the purpose of being the cheapest in the market.

Furthermore, our artists use the finest materials and leverage cutting-edge techniques to make our glass toys. And they carefully plan and design each of our pieces in accordance with ideation sessions with The Fifth House. Our team chooses projects specific to artist's skill set, passion and signature style. 

Last, our studios do not use molds or assembly lines. Our artists make each glass toy one-by-one. This means that it can take our artists weeks of painstaking freehand sculpting to create just one item. They give their full attention to all of the critical details needed to bring you an exquisite piece of art that infuses enormous amounts of pleasure. 

Each individual design, due to the nature of its production, is truly unique in style, interpretation and finish.

Creation. Quality. Process. 

The Fifth House manufactures all of its glass products from the highest quality, medical grade, lead-free, crystal glass known as borosilicate glass. 

To start, we only use premium quality German borosilicate rod (Schott). It is the highest quality, purest, and most durable borosilicate glass in existence. This enables us to make pieces with the exceptional clarity and durability you can expect from German scientific glass.  

You will find that borosilicate glass is stunningly beautiful, immensely strong, and unquestionably safe. 

Once we make our pieces, we go to great lengths to confirm that we properly annealed each one. Annealing is a very important process in glass blowing, especially when it comes to glass toys. Annealing ensures that there are no internal stresses in the glass that could cause the piece to be fragile or even crack. We do our annealing process in a digitally controlled kiln and strictly follow scientifically proven annealing procedures.

Once finished, we use a polariscope to carefully inspect and ensure that each piece is completely stress free. 

Once the glass toys pass our rigorous inspection, we sterilize and package them to keep our glass toys perfectly clean and to protect against nicks and scratches.

Down to Business. Uses.

Use our glass sex toys alone. Use it to enhance your relationship with your partner. Use it fulfill any fantasies imaginable. Our sex glass sex toys are exquisite. The sensuous feel of the silky-smooth glass on the intimate and sensitive parts of your body is unbeatable.

First, solid glass works well to create different sensations. Depending on your mood, our glass can be chilled or warmed to increase the range and scope of your pleasure and enjoyment.  

Second, the rigidity of the glass aids and enhances the intensity of orgasms. 

Third, our borosilicate glass is completely non-porous. This means that they will NEVER absorb anything, including lubricants, fluids, smells, germs, and odors. 

Fourth, one-size, does not necessarily mean "fits-all." You will notice a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some are smooth. Some are double-sided. Some have beads. Some are bulbous. Some are nubby. And some are chubby.

To learn more on sizingclick here

Glass Wands: They are well suited for G-spot stimulation. Because these wands are often heavier than other sex toys, the muscles in your pelvic floor clench around it, which leads to increasing the intensity of your orgasms.

You will also notice that some of our thicker wands weigh a bit more and have realistic anatomical features. Also, designed for men and women, a curved tip wand stimulates the A and G erogenous zones as well as the prostate. More than just show-pieces, these exquisite toys allow the user to experience authentic pleasure. 

On the flip side (pun intended)...

Plugs: the entry of the anus has high levels of nerve endings and the anus itself is more sensitive than the vagina. Therefore, we carefully designed and created each of our anal plugs are with this in mind.

Each artist involved in crafting our plugs knows the anatomy of anal pleasure extremely well. Our master craftsmen use this knowledge to hand-sculpt toys that provide the ultimate in sensory pleasure. 

The smooth silk-like finish of our glass plugs feels intensely pleasurable against the body. You can massage the perineum using the domed end. For a more intense sensation, gently insert the tapered end. Pleasure play with our plugs typically occurs due to the shared wall between the anus and prostate for males and the vagina/G-spot for females. It combines the best of both worlds pleasuring from the inside-out.

Yoni Ovals: practicing with a Yoni oval/egg not only helps tighten the vaginal walls; it also awakens the tissue, organs and muscles, promotes nerve growth, and increases overall sensitivity. This allows you to experience pleasure on a magnified level. Prepare to experience new kinds of orgasms. If you've never had a vaginal orgasm, diligent practice with the oval can aide the quest and also heighten new types of sensation and pleasure. To learn more, click here.

Hot and Cold.

Most sex toys are ill-suited for temperature play. However, your Fifth House borosilicate glass toys are perfect for it. Try it out! 

Here is the skinny: 

Warmth: it aids the most sensitive parts of your body. It engorges it with blood much quicker.

Wherever the succulent warm glass touches the body, the sooner it will sensitize. Slide the warm glass over your clitoris to awaken your labia; watch it delightfully swell faster while making your natural lubrication flow faster. Used on the G spot, a warm glass wand also makes you more sensitive sooner… a quick happy route to climax.

Cool: once you have experienced the warm zone, a cold tingle can prove jaw-dropping. Cold glass will calm down constricted blood vessels and settle the tingling. A cold glass wand acts well as a clitoris reset. Many women can get over-sensitive after orgasm. The soft touch of a cool glass wand on the right spot can get her back in the mood for more play.

Care Guide

Because our glass doesn’t absorb body fluids, it’s great for sharing. Wash with soap and water after your play with it to rid bacteria and make it safe for use by your partner. Watch on.

During Use

  • Glass is a solid, non-porous medium that is safe to use with all lubricants. 
  • If temperature play is desired, you can heat or cool the glass with no risk of damaging the piece. We make our glass from high quality Schott borosilicate, and can safely handle extreme temperatures. DO NOT microwave your toy. Some of the colors may not be microwave friendly.
  • Explore your new toy. Keep in mind glass is rigid, unlike soft silicone toys. Take your time and feel what is comfortable.


  • Always keep your toy clean when not in use. The non-porous surface of the glass is sterile and hygienic when kept clean. 
  • Glass is safe with all types of cleaners, and cleaning will not change or distort any of the colors.
  • Our resident artists make all of our toys from high quality Schott borosilicate, and they are completely dish washer safe.


  • Avoid contact with any hard or rough surfaces, as this may scratch the toy. 
  • Be careful and avoid letting glass toys bump into each other. This may chip the surface or cause scratches.