Le Femme by 5|H

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Wands, plugs and eggs


Le Femme by 5|HLe Femme by 5|HLe Femme by 5|HLe Femme by 5|HLe Femme by 5|HLe Femme by 5|HLe Femme by 5|HLe Femme by 5|H

Le Femme by 5|H is executed by our contemporary glass duo whose work grew out of their love of glass and their desire to make a hot mark on the industry. 

It is their immense passion for the industry and cutting-edge techniques in the ancient art of glass blowing that guides them.

The two are a force to be reckoned with; they are hitting it out of the park.

You can see the dedication in their work in our exclusive Fifth House pieces and feel it in the one-of-a-kind products. They create them with heat and fiery passion. 

Sign us up!  We just can't get enough of them.


Our team uses only premium quality German borosilicate rods to create their products. This enables us to make pieces that offer you exceptional clarity and durability. 

Next, we go to great lengths to ensure each product is properly annealed. Annealing is an important process in glass blowing, especially when working with glass toys. The team conducts annealing through a digitally controlled kiln. It is this process that results in the safety of the products.


Glass is a unique medium with infinite possibilities. It's the perfect application for creative expression. 

-Team Le Femme by 5|H