Our Story



We are along for the ride and down for the adventure. Call it our mission. Call it our raison d' être. Call it our sincere belief that sexually satisfied women and men live happier lives. They form stronger relationships and more fulfilling marriages. 

We created The Fifth House® to help women, non-binary, femme-identifying individuals and couples keep their mojo, turn it up, or get it back.  

Call it what you want, mojo is what we do. 


Our Story Craftsmanship

The Fifth House is a design house, indie boutique, and luxury adult lifestyle brand.

We are an artistic platform that creates, gathers and curates the very best of avant-garde and emerging designers as well as contemporary brands from around the globe.

We take great pride in graceful positioning, discretion, and the advancement of knowledge in sexuality and healthy relationships.

It's all about being bold, confident, sexy, sophisticated, seductive and filled with spirit.



The Fifth House Our Story ArtisansThe Fifth House has grown into a collective of artists who bring artistry and beauty to your most intimate and sensuous moments.

Our artists skillfully create their hand-drawn, painted, and crafted artwork at their studios.

And they design exclusive original artwork for the The Fifth House. 

Our artists, then, translate their art work into fine works of art for you and your partner to indulge in, admire, and experience.

We spend ample time with artists at their studios. It forms an integral part of our outstanding their work. 

At The Fifth House, you will find an array of photographs and interviews that provide a deeper understanding into the stories behind the designs.


Tesla Miller

A recently divorced friend shared with the co-founders of The Fifth House,  about the challenges that she faced in her quest to find a tasteful place to buy adult novelty pieces. She also wanted a place that would help inspire her to get back in the game. Her friend felt out of practice and experienced low sexual confidence.

In another case, a male friend sadly informed Tesla that he and his wife were divorcing after years of trying to conceive. He believed that their routine schedule for sex left them feeling without passion in the bedroom.

Just two years ago one of our co-founder experienced her first pregnancy and birth. It shot her mojo for months. She didn't wish the mojo challenge on anyone else. Although conservative, she still considers herself 100% curious. So, she chose to create an artistic expression of solutions rooted in luxury. 

The Fifth House brings to life what the founders and friends could not find.

Live Sexy & Love Hard,

The Fifth House Team