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Accessories with a seductive twist


5th|H Artist Rena5th|H Artist Rena5th|H Artist Rena5th|H Artist Rena5th|H Artist Rena5th|H Artist Rena5th|H Artist Rena

5th|H Artist RenaBold. Seductive. Elegant.

Feminine and fierce, Rena's pieces transform females into a sexier version of themselves.

Simply putting them on magically magnifies your seductive superpowers and feminine prowess.

They also instantly transport you to a sexy place of candles, cocktails, lounge music and martinis.

Stunning. Miraculously impactful. Uber hot and incredibly fun.


Her pieces represent a return to the essence of our innate sensuality; that is, a sensuality that society has too often encouraged to bury. 

She has the unique ability to turn the mundane into something alluring. She does this by bringing forth the subtle seductive energy via an attention to detail, quality, and sensation...all of which characterize each handmade piece.


Since the launch of her line, her work has been featured in Arsenic Magazine online by some of their top models, worn by Kate Upton in a film directed by William H. Macy, and most recently was personally invited by B. Akerlund, world renown stylist to superstars such as Beyoncé, Brittney Spears, and Madonna to be featured in her exclusive Los Angeles Showroom. 

In her short time there, her bespoke pieces have been pulled for Rhianna, Lady Gaga, Halsey, and more.

She was also granted a design patent for her unique garter closure packaging, which is currently featured on our Silver plated Martini Picks boxes. 

Recently, she made a runway debut by accessorizing some of the looks at New York Fashion Week and Los Angeles Fashion Week. 

Rena, a graduate of Brown University, is pretty much kicking butt and taking names!

We commend you, Rena. We absolutely love your heart & panache.


"When we embrace and fully own all of who we are, we are in our power. For me, the accessories I create are daily reminders to own and love that feminine strength, beauty, and sensuality that all work together, seamlessly integrating into every facet of our life."