Abstract Painting and Photography




Visual Abstract Digital Mixed Media


Rich | 5HRich | 5HRich | 5HRich | 5HRich | 5HRich | 5HRich | 5HRich | 5HRich is an abstract new mixed media artist. 

His main focus is abstract painting, photography, and the integration of the two. His techniques have taken several years to master and many hours of trial and error.

His process involves three stages. First, he paints the abstract artwork. Next, he photographs the art and various textures from nature. Last, he chooses the portrait or nude photograph to then download with the different layers in a photo editor program.
This technology enables him to play with all elements combined. He spends countless hours arranging each puzzle piece.
Rich believes a piece is complete when it achieves a correct balance. That is, the brightest colors, visual textures, and a contrast for the final printed original artwork.
Originally, Rich tried doing this line of art by painting over photographs, but quickly realized he was not able to achieve the bold look he was aiming for. The digital technology gives the best image.
The Giclee print is the original artwork with the unique process he has designed.
With each piece of artwork Rich creates, there are several emotions present.
He looks at the face or figure of the portrait to determine if there is a narrative to reveal. Inevitably, there always is. He is instantly drawn in by his subjects.

Since he doesn't know the subjects personally, his art process begins to unravel their hidden dimensions. Rich is proud to expose the souls behind the beauty.
Each layer of texture adds depth to the subject. Whether acrylic paint, ink paint, or nature photography, all the dimensions of work art are created separately. 

He witnesses many emotions emerge from original photos. Feelings of fear, joy, ecstasy and sorrow can surface.
He believes that the soul is always striving to reveal itself just under the outward surface.

Rich wants his art to be a vehicle for your emotions to roam freely.
The vulnerability of the subject in the artwork allows us to feel vulnerable. Respect it, cherish it and admire it. 
Rich's artwork is original and is printed on archival paper. This type of process is only done in photo editor. Therefore, each print made is the original artwork.  
Rich studied art at Napa Valley College, La Hoya Arts Center, and the River Gallery School. He is elf taught artist for the last 10 years.
Art is like a story. It has a beginning, a middle and an end. The reader or viewer might identify with something in the story or picture. Then, the artwork is like a leaf flowing freely down the river. They can follow it and see where it takes them.