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Atelier, Non-piercing erotic jewelry




Women's sensual, couple's


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Sylvie is incredibly passionate about her creations.

She creates beautiful and elegant erotic jewelry that catch your attention, exhilarate the body, arouse your desire, and stir the imagination.

Her her masterpieces are stunning works of art.


Date night.

Or, Friday night out with the girls.


Under a dress, her pieces are known to sex it up, produce a goddess aura, exude sexual energy, rosy up the cheeks, and bring on climaxes all on their very own. 


Sylvie's story began in 1992, when she took a position as a graphic artist in the adult industry.

There she became fascinated with body jewelry and discovered that at the time, non-pierced erotic jewelry did not exist.

So, she did what any boss lady would do - she dove in, drew it, and created it. 

Today, Sylvie's process still begins by sketching each and every piece of jewelry.

From there, her team spends countless hours creating molds and detailed finishes of the art.

Sylvies team carries out all stages of manufacturing in France. This includes, but is not limited to: modeling, casting, surface treatment and final gold and silver plating.

She takes great pride in keeping her work artisanal.


Sylvie uses high quality and hypoallergenic material for all of her creations. 

Metals used comply with the highest standards of the European union in regards to toxic trace metals.  Also, metal finishes are thick, and made to withstand years of wear. 


In 2015, Sylvie celebrated her twenty-year work anniversary. 

She's truly is a pioneer and erotica icon.

Cheers, Sylvie. We dig you.



"Each piece is a secret game; inclusive of mystery and sensuality."