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Contemporary & Abstract 


Resident Artist Tom 5|HResident Artist Tom 5|HResident Artist Tom 5|HResident Artist Tom 5|HResident Artist Tom 5|H Resident Artist Tom 5|HFifth House featured artist, Tom, creates art with zing and boundless humor. His innovations of creative and playful discovery incorporate a combination of pop art collage and whimsical potraiture that have an addictive rhythm all their own. Bright colors, big features and bold lines that seem to be electrically charged represent an exiting way of seeing and experiencing the world through his eyes.


Tom studied music as his major. But he quickly discovered that art was his calling. 


One day in the late eighties, Tom painted one of artist Patrick Nagel's works on the back of his jean jacket. It was a hit!

In fact, it was a such a hit, he was approached by a major retailer in a local mall to sell his custom jackets. 

He spent the next several years as a computer graphics specialist for IBM and later the creative director for an ad agency. However, he kept painting his own works on the side. 

With the encouragement of his family he decided to pursue painting full-time.


Tom is now represented by galleries in the US and Europe with his original abstract art paintings, sculptures and cubist art works hanging in over 5,000 private and corporate art collections in over 15 countries world-wide.

Works include commissions at the Allegro Hotel in Chicago (hot spot for celebrities and musicians) the Broadway show "Rent", the 40th anniversary of "The Second City," among many more.


Tom lives just outside of Chicago with son Jordan. He attended Valparaiso University and The Illinois Institute of Art.   


I'm drawn to bright colors and most importantly, women! Their faces and figures are a huge inspiration in my work.